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3,500 Year Old Beauty Secret Revealed:

Moroccan Argan Oil

Nature’s Miracle Oil

Argan Oil is a simple vegetable oil that performs small miracles.  It’s been the secret of the Moroccan Berber people for thousands of years. And it’s not that they’ve been hiding it.

The Phoenicians are on record as trading this same Argan Oil as far back as 1550 B.C. Egyptian medical records show its use in the 11th century and history traces the oil to use England in 1711 and on to present time. Argan Oil has been “rediscovered” in the late 20th Century and brought to the modern world of cosmetics.

So it isn’t new.

But it is rare. It comes from a tree that grows in one solitary corner of southwest Morocco, and has been known for those thousands of years as the The Tree of Life. And more recently, its oil has been called Liquid Gold.

What’s this oil got that makes it so special?

It’s got Mother Nature. Now, that’s not a fully accurate answer, because Argan oil outdoes all other of Mother Nature’s oils. It’s more potent and has a bigger bang per drop than olive, jojoba, coconut, almond, tea tree or any other of the cosmetic or medical oils.

Not to knock any other oil or cosmetic ingredient, but when you find something like this you say something about it!

It’s all in the mix.

Argan Oil has an incredibly complex collection of compounds, active ingredients and nutrients that no other oil has. You could go and buy any one of the ingredients in Argan Oil, a combination or even all of them and not get this powerful result.

Mother Nature’s mix is something science just can’t outdo. Man’s clumsy attempts to mimic nature simply ain’t there yet! Mother Nature has a few billion years of R&D on us and Argan Oil comes from her own laboratory.

And to be fair, other oils have similar constituents, but the difference is the amounts and the unique mixture – this is the X factor, the unknown mystery that even the boys in the lab coats have not yet fathomed.

The stuff just works and has kept on working for at least 3,500 years.




A Few Drops Is Like A Daily Visit To Your Hairdresser

Find Out How Morocco's Liquid Gold Can Give You

Radiant Hair

The intense desire for beautiful hair is the stuff of fairy tale and legend. It has been the hallmark of beauty since the dawn of womankind. But…

Your hair is continuously under assault

– from water, sun, brushes, combs, harsh chemicals, including dyes and powerfully hot hair dryers. Your hair is tough, but however resilient it is, after enough roughing up it finally succumbs to damage.

Your hair’s strength comes from the structure of its outer layer, which has a surface that looks like roof tiles, overlapping each other in a continuous smooth layer. Its shine, softness and ease of styling, are all majorly dependent on the state of this outer layer.

Human Hair at 200x Magnification

Human Hair at 200X Magnification – Note the “tiles.”

Since the hair grows from its roots at an average of 5/8ths of an inch per month, the tip of a 1-foot hair will have undergone over 2 ½ years of wear and tear.

A close look at hair near the scalp compared to the other end a foot away will show the effects of time.

Those perfectly smooth, flat “tiles” on the surface have declined into a scratched, splintered state. They loosen and move apart and even go missing, leaving the inner structure of the hair exposed.

That’s when you start searching for a remedy.

More chemicals won’t help – they will only hide reality and wind you up with more trouble. If you’re wise, you will reach for something that will naturally restore your hair to its original health. Argan Oil for hair fulfills that need more than adequately.

How your hair is grown:

The hair follicle – the structure that surrounds each hair under the surface of the skin – anchors each hair into the skin. At the base of the hair follicle is what is called the “hair bulb.”

The hair bulb is where the action is:  The living cells in the hair bulb divide and grow to build the hair shaft. Blood vessels nourish the cells in the hair bulb, and deliver the hormones that affect hair structure and growth.

So, you have blood that flows to the hair bulb that nourishes and grows your hair. Rich, healthy blood flow is the key to radiant hair.

Argan Oil For Hair

Argan Oil’s secret is that when it’s applied, its ingredients increase blood circulation, which make cells grow.

Just as it restores life to dry and damaged skin, Argan Oil for hair revitalizes dry and damaged hair. When massaged into the scalp, it penetrates right into the hair follicles and strengthens hair from its roots. So, you have stronger hair growth, reduced hair breakage and brittle hair coming back to life.

Argan Oil nourishes the skin, increases blood flow, which aids cell regeneration, which is essential to hair growth and hair quality. Because your hair is intimately connected to your skin.

Argan Oil mends split ends

With the quality of nourishment in Argan Oil, the “tiles” are repaired and laid back in place. Argan Oil moisturizes from the inside and the outside restoring your hair’s shine and flexibility.

It also protects your hair from the roughing up it gets by shielding from Ultra Violet radiation and other environmental factors. If you feed the best ingredients – straight from Mother Nature – to the source of hair growth, you get brilliant hair.

The reason why Argan Oil for hair is so effective lies in Mother Natures secret recipe – a recipe that no other oil or hair treatment has.


Treat Your Skin To The Richest Antioxidant Mixture In Nature

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is

The Ultimate Vitamin For Your Skin

Your Skin and You

They say, ‘Beauty is Only Skin Deep,” but your skin projects to everyone the depths of what is inside. This piece of real estate is where you spend your life. It’s what people experience first when they meet the real you.

No matter your clothes, no matter your style or your persona, it all comes through first from your skin.

your skin is your body’s largest organ

It’s the mirror of you that shows what’s going on down deep. Your health is clearly indicated by the quality of your skin.Too many women and men find no shame in applying all manner of chemical concoction to their face or body in an attempt to somehow hide reality.

And the reality is that your skin is undernourished. It lacks the essential vitamin for skin.

Beware Unnaturally Altered Solutions

Lab jockeyed chemicals aren’t what nature intended. They are just a knockoff and end up harming you in the long run.  Your skin has a hard enough time trying to fight off the daily UV attack, urban exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and other oxidative damage factors that leave you dry and wrinkled.

Anti Aging Phenomenon

Argan Oil simply put, slows the aging process. That’s a big claim, but remember, Mother Nature wrote the owners manual for your body and your skin.

She has prescribed the complex mixture of ingredients, found only in Argan Oil, blended with care in the intense crucible of the mountainous desert regions of southwest Morocco – the home of the Argan Tree, the Tree of Life.

The environment there is challenging. The Argan tree must overcome drought, intense desert heat and rugged mountain conditions to survive. This survival mechanism has driven it to create a rich mixture of ingredients that no other oil can match.

What does that mean for you?

It means that your skin, nature’s clothing for another of her creations – your body – benefits from the life giving nutrients crafted in this one place on earth.

Nature’s Own Vitamin For Skin

This yet unknown recipe of fatty acids, anti-oxidants, totally unique life giving compounds, bathe and permeate your skin to gently coax cellular regeneration, bringing dry, damaged skin new life.

Scientists are only now discovering the components of this rare oil, but 3,500 years of testing have already proven that there is no substance on earth as good for your skin.

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is the vitamin your skin needs to glow naturally, from within.


Argan Oil: Used For Over 3,500 Years And Still Amazing


New Yet Ancient, Mother Nature’s Synergistic Miracle

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